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48V/60V20ah New Electric Scooter

With Jianmo Avatar-60V electric scooter,Reach to new heights of beauty Refuse apidity Embrace joy Most IN travel Of course, good - looking, easy to use and fun ▼ 1.LED headlight of new design electric motorcycle Fashion and dazzling, much nicer Far range, strong penetrating power 2.Front and...

With Jianmo Avatar-60V electric scooter,Reach to new heights of beauty
Refuse apidity
Embrace joy
Most IN travel
Of course, good - looking, easy to use and fun 


1.LED headlight of new design electric motorcycle

Fashion and dazzling, much nicer
Far range, strong penetrating power

2.Front and rear 90/90-10 tire of best adult scooter
Reduce riding resistance
Interlaced decorative pattern
The brake effect is obviously improved
Safer driving

3.Voice one key repair/shifting
Shifting in high, mid and low gear
Switch at random according to the road conditions

4.Fine gear-ring type front fork
Double pipe thicker aluminum base hydraulic rear damper
Effectively reduce the vehicle bumping
Long - distance ride is not tiring
Provide more comfortable travel


5.Taillight of 60V20ah electric scooter
Stronger design sense
Not only greatly improve the beauty
Make it easier to ride at night

All electric scooters basic parameters

Electric motor: Saiying power high efficiency electric motorcycle electric motor
Controller:12 pipes one key repaired vector controller
Tire: Front and rear 90/90-10 tire
Damper:Fine gear-ring type front fork,double pipe thicker aluminum base hydraulic rear damper
Battery specification: 48V20AH/60V20AH
Functional configuration: Liquid crystal instrument, lazyback, one key repaired double remote burglar alarm, USB mobile phone charger port integrated multi─purpose combination switch, integrated LED headlight
Available colors:
Pearly-lustre light cyanine/ matte black
Pearly-lustre glacier blue/ matte black
Electrosilvering  yellow/ matte black
Matte electro-optical red/ matte pearl white/matte black
Matteelectro-optical blue / matte pearl white / matte black