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Fashion New Adult Electric Scooters

Jianmo Little S-new scooters leads fashion in your circle of friends With black tech's mysterious and avant-garde Can not hide the spirit of fashion trend Make a stage pose in the circle of friends without scruple Easily become the focus of attention Jianmo Little S 1.Concise model, love at...

Product Description

Jianmo Little S-new scooters leads fashion in your circle of friends. With black tech's mysterious and avant-garde, it is easily to become the focus of attention. With its fashion appearance, you can make a stage pose with our scooters in the circle of friends without scruple.

Product Details

1.Concise love at first sight of adult electric scooters
Concise lines
Draw the outline of the S-shaped vehicle body
Contains grace in simplicity
Fashion and modern,avant-garde

2.Delicate and flexible, comfort driving
Equipped with 450W electric motorcycle electric motor
No matter shopping or date in the bustling downtown
Go deep into the alley to search food
Various daily needs
All can be satisfied

3.Front and rear 2.75-10 tire of motor scooter
New scooters adopt wear resistant soft rubber
In coordination with grip tread
Stronger endurance and acceleration
Applicable to various road conditions

4.More comfortable driving
electric vespas is fine gear-ring type front fork
Double pipe lotus hydraulic rear damper
Bring the same ride comfort under different road conditions

5.Visible intention and utility
One key repaired double remote burglar alarm
Multi─purpose combination switch

6.LED headlight of new scooters
Strong design sense
Integrated LED headlight
100% rate of second glance

7.Choiceconfiguration,intimate travel
LED blueberry screen one wire instrument
Display a variety of parameters stick out a mile
Make your trip handy

Basic Parameters

Electric motor: 450W motorcycle electric motor
Controller: 9 pipes one key repaired vector controller
Tire: Front and rear 2.75-10 tire
Damper: Fine gear-ring type front fork,double pipe lotus hydraulic rear damper
Brake: Front and rear 110 drum brake
Battery specification: 48V20AH
Functional configuration: LED blueberry screen one wire instrument, lazyback, voice one key repaired double remote burglar alarm,multi─purpose combination switch,integrated LED headlight/taillight.
Available colors:Pale bluish-white/brilliant black/light pink/cool blue

How do Electric Scooters Work?

Electric scooters are actually fairly simple devices. They are usually powered by a small electric motor that powers the wheels and propels the scooter forward. These are likely to be hub motors. A hub motor is a motor that is placed in the hub of the wheel of the scooter and will drive a combination of the front and back wheels.

The motors are run from an on board battery that is likely to be a Lithium battery of some kind and can be charged from the mains and sometimes gains a little charge back when the scooter brakes – this is called regenerative braking.

That's about it for the basics of how an e-scooter works. Some scooters will also come with additional features such as headlights or even USB sockets for charging your phone. These will be simple connected to the main battery and will be powered from that.