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Electric Motorcycle

An electric vehicle uses a battery as a source of energy, and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through a controller, a motor, and the like to control a vehicle whose current magnitude changes speed. An electric motorcycle is a type of electric vehicle that uses a battery to drive a motor. The electric drive and control system consists of a speed control device that drives the motor, the power supply, and the motor. The other devices of the electric motorcycle are basically the same as those of the internal combustion engine.
The composition of the electric motorcycle includes: an electric drive and control system, a mechanical system such as a driving force transmission, and a working device for completing a predetermined task. The electric drive and control system is the core of the electric car, and it is also the biggest difference from the drive of the internal combustion engine.
There are three main driving methods for electric vehicles: one is a hub drive, the other is a mid-mounted drive, and there is a suspension drive.
electric sport motorcycle:Tough lines, cool appearance, surging power. Suitable for love life, full of passion.
lady electric motorcycle:The vehicle is soft and charming, and can not hide the elegant temperament and fashion senses. City riding, ladies' choice.
functional electric motorcycle:Power is more powerful, longer endurance. Meet all the requirements of your daily life, manned items, easy and convenient.
As one of professional cheap electric motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers, we are glad that we can provide wholesale electric motorcycle for sale for you. Custom design, low price are available. welcome to get quotation from our factory.
  • 600W Adult Electric Motorcycle

    600W Adult Electric Motorcycle

    600w Adult Electric motorcycle introduction:
    Cool fashion, convenient daily travel, visiting friends and relatives, holiday trips, no restrictions.
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  • 1500W High Power Electric Motorcycle

    1500W High Power Electric Motorcycle

    1500w high power Electric motorcycle highlights:
    dual remote control burglar alarm, 25 tubes bold and labor-saving double support; split three seats with backrest; USB mobile phone charging socket; ABS white seat barrel; LED dual headlights; four-speed transmission...
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  • Fashionable Girls Electric Motorcycle

    Fashionable Girls Electric Motorcycle

    Fashionable girls Electric Motorcycle introduction:
    Ultra-quiet front disc brake, puncture-proof, wear-resistant vacuum tire. Stylish LED headlights, even light, penetrating power, user-friendly USB interface, comfortable back seat.
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  • 60V Electric Motorcycle for Girls

    60V Electric Motorcycle for Girls

    60v electric motorcycle for girls introduction:
    This electric motorcycle body sign is smart and easy to travel. This electric motorcycle has a soft start, smooth power and long lasting. Elegant Fashion.
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  • 1500W Strong Power Electric Motorcycle

    1500W Strong Power Electric Motorcycle

    1500W strong power electric motorcycle introduction:
    All-terrain off-road tires, raised buds, charging more than 60 kilometers a life.
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  • 60V Lead-acid Electric Motorcycle

    60V Lead-acid Electric Motorcycle

    Noticed when using 60v lead-acid electric motorcycle:
    1. before use every day to carefully check the circuit connection lines are loose, bad line contact damage governor.
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  • 60V20ah Electric Motorcycle

    60V20ah Electric Motorcycle

    The first charging method of new 60v20ah electric motorcycle:
    It is best to charge the new car before use. The method is to adjust the charge current within 15A and charge it for more than 15 hours.
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  • 1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults

    1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults

    The advantages of electric motorcycle:
    The advantage of electric vehicles is that they do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere.
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  • 800W Long-range Electric Motorcycle

    800W Long-range Electric Motorcycle

    How to maintenance 800w long-range electric motorcycle: 1. Before each use, check carefully whether the connection lines of the circuit are loose or not, and if the line contact is bad, damage the governor.Read More
  • Youth Electric Street Motorcycle

    Youth Electric Street Motorcycle

    According to the user's habits, they usually use their home for charging during the night. The electric motorcycle can run 80-120 kilometers with enough electricity. The design life of the battery is more than 700 times for charging and discharging (two years).Read More
  • 2 Wheel 600W Electric Motorcycle for Adult

    2 Wheel 600W Electric Motorcycle for Adult

    The role of the drive motor is to convert the electrical energy of the power supply into mechanical energy, and to drive the wheels and working devices directly through the transmission. DC series motors are widely used in today's electric vehicles.Read More
  • 600W Electric Moped Scooter

    600W Electric Moped Scooter

    Electric powered motorcycle. Divided into electric two-wheeled motorcycles and electric three-wheeled motorcycles.Read More
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