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1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults

1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults

The advantages of electric motorcycle:
The advantage of electric vehicles is that they do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere.

Product Description

Our 1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults uses a battery to drive the motor. The electric drive and control system consists of a speed control device that drives the motor, the power supply, and the motor.

The advantage of electric vehicles is that they do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. It has a simple and exquisite body line, a sporty and sleek tail design, and looks beautiful.


Vehicle type

Tianjin second generation



Wheel base(MM)


Total weight(Kg)

Driving mileage(Km/h)


Max speed(Km/h)


Electric motor rated output power

Annaida  12 inch magnet and speed strengthened electric motor with power of 72V 1000W

Storage battery

72V20AH30AH optional


15 pipe limited current 35A


90/70-12 racing bike flat vacuum tire


Front 220 phoenix pump disc brake rear 180 disc brake


Thicker 7.5 spring double pipe rear damper

hydraullc boom step front damper 


Chinese red/ frosted grey/ silvery white/ flash blue/emerald green/ diamond golden

Charging time

6-8 hours


1. Front disc brake: 1000W Electric Motorcycle for Adults adopts front disc brake configuration. It has high strength, easy ventilation, reliable braking and safety.

2. Comfort cushion: Highly flexible foam sponge increases ride comfort. After riding for a long time, the saddle does not collapse and deform.

3. Hydraulic shock absorption: Conical spring hydraulic adjustable shock absorption, strong shock absorption effect, riding more comfortable.

4. Three-speed shift: Motorcycles can change the working mode according to different road conditions: economical energy-saving mode, power climbing mode, and efficient overtaking mode, which perfectly combines strength and speed.

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