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1500W Strong Power Electric Motorcycle

1500W Strong Power Electric Motorcycle

1500W strong power electric motorcycle introduction:
All-terrain off-road tires, raised buds, charging more than 60 kilometers a life.

Product Description

1500W strong power electric motorcycle 

All-terrain off-road tires, raised buds, charging more than 60 kilometers a life.


Vehicle type




Wheel Base(MM)


Driving mileage(Km/h)


Max Speed(Km/h)


Electeric motor rated output power


Storage Battery



18 pipe limited current 345A


Front and rear 120-90-12

BrakeFront and rear disc brake
Changing time6-8 hours

Select electric motorcycle attention to detail

a. First select the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly to see whether the trademark, decals are in good condition, and whether the surface quality of paint parts, plating parts, plastic parts and aluminum alloy parts is satisfactory.

b. Check the quality of the assembly of the vehicle. It should be: a.) All kinds of screws are fastened in place without loosening. b). The handlebars, wheels, chains, cranks, and pedals should be flexible. The rims should have a round speed and a small amount of circular runout. c.) The handlebars, saddles, mud boards, hangers, and brackets must be installed symmetrically or symmetrically. There should be no obvious skewness.

c. The switch key and battery lock are to be tested. The electric key lock, battery lock, and tool box lock should be the most convenient one.

d. Open the switch and turn the shift handle to check the stepless speed change and brake (brake) power failure and brake effect, and check if the motor runs smoothly and the sound is normal.

e. Through test riding, experience the performance of the entire vehicle and decide whether to purchase it. There is a problem on the spot to solve the problem. If it cannot be resolved, you can propose a new car.

f. Finally, the invoice, charger, certificate, manual, and three packs of cards should be collected and properly kept.

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