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Youth Electric Motorcycle

EV Motorcycle- hawk 8 Function configuration: ISDN LED screen instrument, LED headlight, reverse boost, voice one key repair Specification of E- motorbike LED headlight• Rugged light with penetration, identification and charm Daytime running light • Cool arc feature Upgraded function • Boost,...

This youth electric motorcycle is a full-flush structure. The precise size of the frame allows the user to control comfortably during high-speed riding. It does not have any abnormal noise during driving, and the driving is solid and stable. In the bumpy road driving, the center motor has obvious advantages, completely avoiding the increase of the wheel weight in the traditional electric wheel hub motor solution, and increasing the maneuverability of the vehicle. It is not easy to lose grip on the bumpy road.


youth electric motorcycle Major technical parameters

Vehicle type

hawk 8



Wheel base(MM)


Total weight(Kg)

Driving mileage(Km/h)


Max speed(Km/h)


Electric motor rated output power


Storage battery

60V20AH30AH optional


12 pipes limited current 32A voice controlled self-tested and self-repaired vector controller


Front and rear 3.0-10


Front 180 disc brake rear 110 drum brake


Fine boom step hydraulic front fork,double pipe thicker integrated lotus rear hydraulic damper


Dazzling blue/silvery white  dazzling red/silvery white 
     white/matte black Honda grey/matte black  all black 

Charging time

6-8 hours


1. The youth electric motorcycles have a luxurious tail box, exquisite and durable, large capacity, and durable. It uses high quality engineering plastics for high strength and impact resistance.

2. Comfortable and highly elastic saddle allows you to feel comfortable during the ride.

3. 12 tube hydraulic aluminum cylinder disc brake front fork, strictly in accordance with ergonomic design, the shock absorber accurate and appropriate angle and specifications, so that the rough roads become smooth. The front disc brake system has better braking effect and is safer to ride.

4. Intelligent LCD meter controls the driving information such as power and speed with one button, so that you can keep abreast of the car.

5. It has a three-speed shifting function, which can adjust the driving mode freely according to the road conditions, and change the “low speed, medium speed and high speed” three-speed driving mode with one button to effectively extend the driving range.





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