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Functional Electric Motorcycle

Our functional electric motorcycles are new lithium-ion electric motors that combine unique manufacturing advantages and technological strength. These electric motorcycles are equipped with high-quality lithium batteries and equipped with power broadband motors. The inner and outer core components are manufactured to a higher than motorcycle grade standard. Its smart application is more inclined to user security and vehicle theft.
This functional electric motorcycle has a superior cruising range to meet your daily needs. The unique anti-theft feature can solve your electric car stolen concerns. They also have this instant acceleration ability, which allows you to enjoy the feeling of running fast. In addition, they also have smooth lifting and deceleration performance, so a good electric vehicle should provide smooth lifting performance.
1. The unique shape of the functional electric motorcycle is very attractive. The bright headlights are characterized by high, transparent and bright. A good headlight is critical to the safety of people driving at night.
2. Luxury tail box, exquisite and durable, with large capacity, using high-quality engineering plastics, high strength, impact resistance.
3. Comfortable and highly elastic saddle can give you a comfortable feeling.
4. Double-tube hydraulic rear shock absorption, to ensure that when driving on bumpy roads, it can greatly reduce the hard bumps of the car body, ensure the safety and comfort of the rider, and increase the normal service life.
5. Hydraulic aluminum cylinder disc brake front fork strictly in accordance with ergonomic design. Accurate and suitable angles and specifications for the shock absorbers make walking rough roads smooth. The front disc brake system has better braking effect and is safer to ride.
6. Smart LCD meter one-button control of power, speed and other driving information, let you keep abreast of the car.
As one of professional cheap functional electric motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers, we are glad that we can provide wholesale functional electric motorcycle for sale for you. Custom design, low price are available. welcome to get quotation from our factory.
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