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2 wheel electric scooter purchase requirements and load capacity
Mar 20, 2018

The 2 wheel electric scooter need to effectively inspect their appearance in the process of purchase, to see if the surface of the paint and plating parts are intact, and the two-wheel electric vehicles need to be actually operated in accordance with their specifications, to check the working status of the whole vehicle to a certain extent, The speed transition should be smooth, no impact at the start, the wheels should be flexible, no sense of stagnation, the hub rotation sound soft, no abnormal sound, the brake should be moderate and reliable braking.

2 wheel electric scooter also need to check to some extent whether the auxiliary functions of their models are in a normal state, and whether the accompanying accessories, chargers, certificates, manuals, and warranty cards are complete.

The placement of the battery in the 2-wheel electric vehicle is considered from the balance of the whole vehicle and the convenience of the upper and lower part to a certain extent. It is better to place the battery in the oblique pipe or standpipe position of the frame, and the configured battery is basically economical and practical. Lead-acid battery. Most electric bicycles use 36V12AH lead-acid batteries; 24V12AH batteries have fewer choices due to shorter continuation mileage.

Two-wheeled electric vehicles should not be allowed to carry people during riding. Since the battery capacity of electric bicycles is not large and the motor power is not high during riding, the average electric bicycles have a carrying capacity of about 80 kg (including cyclists). If people are allowed to ride, they will inevitably increase the load on the motor and accelerate the battery consumption, which will reduce the service life of the battery motor and violate the regulations of the traffic regulations.

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