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60V electric scooter basic configuration and purchase guidelines
Mar 13, 2018

The 60V electric scooter is mainly composed of a battery, a motor, a controller, and a charger. In different electric vehicles, the batteries used therein are different, and the configured controllers also include different types.

How to choose 60V electric scooter?

1: Pay attention to the brand of 60V electric vehicle.

At present, there are many brands of 60V electric vehicles. It is suggested that you should choose a brand with long operating hours, low repair rate, good quality, and good reputation. For example, companies that have passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system are selected.


2: should pay attention to consider the 60V electric scooter manufacturers to provide after-sales service.


When we buy 60V electric vehicles, it is actually a choice for manufacturers. It is recommended that everyone should choose a regular manufacturer. If the plan is cheap and ignores the after-sales service, it is easy to gullible.


3: Check the quality of accessories for 60V electric scooter.


The strength requirements and performance requirements of all parts of 60V electric vehicles should be higher than that of bicycles. When purchasing, the user must look at the quality of the selected parts of the vehicle, such as: whether the frame and the front fork welding and surface defects, whether the manufacture of all components is good, whether the double support is strong, whether the tires use brand name, fasteners Is it rustproof?


Basic Principle 4: Consider the continued mileage of 60V electric vehicles.


The last is to combine the user's own use needs to reasonably select the 60V electric vehicle's continued mileage.

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