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Advantages of 60V electric scooter compared to common 48V electric scooter
Dec 21, 2017

The majority of the electric scooters we drive are 48V, but many users will choose 60V electric scooter. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to distinguish the power of the electric scooter just from the appearance. So which aspects should we see the features of the 60V electric car?

The battery of the common 48V electric scooter is composed of 4 pieces of 12V batteries in series, but the battery of the 60V electric scooter is composed of 5 pieces batteries in series. The motor, the controller, the tires, the brakes, and so on are all different. Obviously the configuration of the 60V electric scooter  will be relatively higher.

Since the number of batteries is different, the electric power of 60V electric scooter is higher than that of 48V electric scooter. Some of the 60V electric scooters are 600W and 800W. While the motor power of 48V electric scooter is only 350W. So that the driving speed and carrying capacity of the electric scooter is also different.
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Obviously, the speed of 60V electric scooter is generally higher than that of 40V electric scooter, and its carrying capacity is also different. If climbing frequently, it's sure that 60V electric scooter is more suitable. But it is still recommended that you choose electric scooter according to your needs and economic capabilities. If you want the scooter to run faster and often need to carry people, you can choose 60V electric scooter.

When you buy 60V electric scooter, try to select some well-known brand products as far as possible. When they are designed, they have technical tests on safety and loss rate of batteries and motors, which can ensure the safety and performance of electric scooter, and the after-sales service is also good.

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