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Basic safety principles for electric motorcycle design
Aug 01, 2018

Basic safety principles should be followed in the design of electric motorcycles. Everyone should know that security is now the most important issue for people when driving. Therefore, the design of the electric motorcycle should take into consideration the safety factors to enhance the safety during driving.


Therefore, in the design, first of all, it should ensure that the specifications of the configured safety protection system are reasonable, and provide the necessary safety guarantee for the driver in the driving. Second, we must also consider the issue of safe color. In comparison, the light color and bright color not only make the outline of the electric motorcycle look bigger, but also give the driver and passengers better visibility, and the spirit of the driver who is in the opposite direction is energized and concentrated. It is conducive to driving safety. Therefore, the design will use bright and eye-catching colors.


In addition, functional safety factors must be considered. That is to say, when designing the structure of an electric motorcycle, the appropriate position of the wheel should be determined in conjunction with data analysis.

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