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Development and Role of Electric Vehicles
Mar 27, 2018

Electric bicycles have become one of the major transportation or livelihood tools for the large number of commuters and migrant workers in China because of their convenient, fast, labor-saving and simple and low-cost charging and use. At the same time, electric vehicles have gradually become the best means of transportation for the elderly, the frail and disabled, women and students.


As we all know, the current domestic road resources are still very limited. Moreover, due to the rapid growth of the urbanized economy, the number of automobiles has rapidly increased, making road traffic more and more crowded and blocked, which has become a major problem that many large and medium-sized cities must face. The development of electric vehicles, such as personal vehicles, can not only ease this contradiction, but also contribute to the development of environmental protection, energy conservation and low-carbon economy.


For manufacturers, in fact, the design of electric vehicles is a very test of the technical level of work. In order to ensure the use of the car, careful design is required, of which only the body part needs to be combined with modern ergonomics, ground vehicle principles, mechanical design and strength analysis calculations when designing. At the same time, it will also be applied to the integrated design theory of computer optimization design simulation simulation, new processes, new materials and other multi-disciplinary new technologies.


At the same time, the domestic market also provides a lot of space for the development of electric vehicles. Analyze from the current development trend, the future lightening, boosting, high-end is the development direction of China's electric vehicle industry.


As an important means of transport, the healthy development of the electric vehicle industry also has an important influence on the development and progress of society. In addition, the current energy crisis, environmental pollution, and traffic congestion that are faced by modern society are a series of common problems facing the international community and will increasingly highlight the important role of electric vehicles.

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