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Electric motorcycle battery dismantling and repairing method
Jun 22, 2018

1 Open the battery cover and remove the 6 helmets.

2 Fill each well with distilled water with a syringe

Above, if the 1.28 standard electrolyte is added, the plate may burn out due to high acid solubility. For example, when we eat hotpots, why do we eat more salty, that is, when water evaporates, salt does not evaporate through water vapor? Similarly, the acid in the battery will not be evaporated. It is water, so we only need to add about 20-30ml of distilled water to each hole.

3 Let the battery stand still for half an hour after filling to allow the sponge around the plate to fully absorb water. .

4 After the battery is discharged, charge the battery. Pulse charging is available under certain conditions.

 Because the pulse charging method can effectively remove the vulcanization of the polar plate

and increase the capacity of the battery. No one can also use car charger instead.

5 After charging is complete, use a syringe to extract excess water from each well.

A total of 6 holes are completed step by step.

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