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Electric motorcycle charging requirements
Sep 05, 2018

Electric motorcycles should try not to carry or carry heavy objects while riding, so as to avoid pulling the battery and charging it in time when operating. It is best to use about 70% of the electric vehicle to charge the electric vehicle. Recharge the light to avoid shortening the battery life due to "deep discharge".

If the electric motorcycle does not have a temperature compensation function, it should be charged at a normal temperature to a certain extent. Especially when it is used in winter, the charger will continue to charge for 2 to 3 hours after turning green, and then cut off the power.

After the battery of the electric motorcycle is exhausted (the undervoltage light is on), the power should be turned off and driven by human power. Do not use the “recovery voltage” to exercise. Always check the temperature when the battery is charging. If the surface temperature of the battery is abnormal, please contact a professional technician to find out the cause of the fever.

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