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Electric motorcycle warranty range
Aug 30, 2018

Electric motorcycles should be used in maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. The batteries do not need to be added to the electrolyte during use. Do not open the battery cover. Please do not disassemble, modify or damage the battery. Otherwise, it is not covered by the warranty.


After the electric motorcycle is purchased, it must be charged when it is used for the first time or after being used for a long time. Because the electric vehicle battery will discharge itself during storage, it will gradually lose capacity. Therefore, the charging will sometimes become the reason for the performance failure. . If the battery is not charged for more than one year, it may cause a shortened life.


Lead-acid batteries for electric motorcycles can be installed in the vertical direction and in the lateral direction. Do not use gasoline, kerosene, volatile oil, alcohol with 50% purity or higher and liquid detergent to clean the battery during operation. If using the above substances, it may be used. Causes cracks and leaks in the battery case, and the worst may cause a fire.


If the electric motorcycle is found to have cracks, deformations, etc., damage and liquid leakage, please replace the battery. The used batteries can participate in the dealer's promotional activities, which are handled uniformly by the dealers. It is strictly forbidden to discard them.

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