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Electric scooter charger constant current charging method should pay attention to matters:
May 23, 2018

Constant current charging method should pay attention to the following matters:


1 Because the constant current charging is a subsection constant current charging, so in order to avoid charging the late current is too large, charging current should be adjusted in time. And charging current size, charging time, switching current timing and charge termination voltage selection, must strictly implement the charging specification;

2 The remaining capacity of each charged battery should be similar, otherwise the size of the charging current must be selected according to the battery with the smallest remaining capacity of the series battery, and when the small capacity battery is sufficient, it should be removed immediately, and then continue charging the large capacity battery;

3 During the charging process, the single cell voltage of the battery is detected every 2~3h. If the voltage has reached 2.4V, it shall be transferred to the second stage of charging in time;

4 When the electrolyte temperature rises to 40°C during the charging process, the charging current should be halved; if it continues to rise to 45°C, it should be stopped until the temperature falls below 40°C;

5 The density of the charged battery electrolyte shall comply with the specified requirements, and the density difference of the electrolyte between the cells shall not exceed 0.01g/cm3;

6 Maintenance-free batteries should not be charged by this method.

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