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Electric scooter paint effect
Aug 17, 2018

After the electric scooter determines a certain brand or a certain car, the first thing, of course, is the appearance problem, the process and level of the baking paint, which will directly affect the first impression of the car. The paint used contains primer, topcoat and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final effect. Of course, we have no way to know the paint brand that the vehicle uses when choosing a car, but we can judge the quality of the paint according to the effect of the paint.


The electric scooter is well painted, the surface is transparent and the color is deep and natural. There should be no uneven color, chromatic aberration and large areas of pitting or bumping. The decal process is smooth and the paint is evenly covered. In the sun, the color of the lacquer is bright and colorful, and the shade is lacquered. If you find it difficult to understand, the easiest way is to take a few more stores. The same color of the car is more contrasted, and it feels coming out soon.


The most important point of electric vehicles is to consider the UV resistance of the paint. Many automotive paints do not contain UV-resistant paint. After long-term exposure, the car will gradually fade, especially white paint, which is more prone to fading or discoloration. Because such problems cannot be judged immediately, you can observe the car's exhibition car whether there is fading problem and make a basic assessment.

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