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Electric scooter use and maintenance should pay attention to these points!
Mar 24, 2018

In the current era, electric scooters have become a very popular green environmental protection vehicle. Especially in recent years, electric vehicles have a large user base in China. However, in daily use, it also needs to be maintained to extend its service life.


As an electric scooter user, we must first pay attention to battery maintenance. About the maintenance of the battery is not complicated, mainly to develop a good habit of timely charging, and reasonable control of charging time. When charging, we must first prevent over-discharge. Most of the current use of batteries, after the battery discharge to the termination voltage, continue to discharge as over-discharge. Over-discharging can seriously damage the battery, which is extremely unfavorable to the battery's electrical performance and cycle life.


Thus want to protect the battery, then we must pay attention to avoid excessive discharge as much as possible. Second, we must also pay attention to prevent overcharging. This is because overcharge will increase the water loss of the battery of the electric vehicle, accelerate the corrosion of the grid, soften the active material, and increase the chance of battery deformation.


In response to this problem, in the charging process for electric vehicles, we should avoid the occurrence of overcharge: 1, should pay attention to the use of parameters and battery good charger for charging; 2, to fully understand the battery in the hot season operating conditions , And during the entire service life changes; 3, when used, do not put the battery in an overheated environment, especially when charging should be away from heat; 4, after the battery is heated to take cooling measures, until the battery temperature can be restored to normal Charging.


In addition, in the process of daily use, we must pay attention to checking all parts of electric scooters. Ensure that all electric vehicles are in good condition before travel. If any abnormalities are found, they should be promptly repaired.

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