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Electric sports motorcycle frame design and power source
Mar 07, 2018

Electric sports motorcycle in the design concept is minimalist, but in its function to complete the premise of its space within the frame is mainly used to house eight lithium-iron batteries, connected in series to reach 100V32 amp hours Capacity, equivalent to 600 amps output. Lithium iron battery has the advantage of having a higher battery density, discharge speed, discharge current, light weight, etc. advantages, with all-carbon fiber battery box design, making ExoDyne battery weighs only 21.8 kg.

Electric sports motorcycle lithium iron battery as a source of power

Motorized motorized electric motor is equipped with a hub motor, to some extent, with its electronic control system 4, the combination of the past successful model is a smart system, but in this framework designed SUV models are also faced with some of the inherent challenges of electric locomotives.

The first is that the weight of the hub motor aggravated the original rear axle sprung load, it must be improved on the suspension system to be able to achieve the desired match. In addition, the powertrain needs instantaneous power to operate, but Dr. Cross said this part has long been considered, so the configuration of 600 amps of lithium iron batteries to meet the demand.

Frame design of electric sports motorcycle

Electric sports motorcycle frame in the design process inspired by self-made, then the shock absorber is to use its top products in response to the weight of the rear wheel motor, brake the product used, the front wheel of the product, the rear wheel Is the use of parts. The assembly uses a large amount of titanium alloy and carbon fiber, to be able to have the overall weight of 112.6 kg of the overall presentation.

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