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High-speed electric scooter characteristics and its control system design
Apr 11, 2018

High-speed electric scooters not only have higher speeds, but their overall design is also very light. This makes it very popular with consumers in the market. For users, high-speed electric vehicles are very fast, light and fast.


In fact, when high-speed electric vehicles are used for production and processing in modern industry, they often incorporate a variety of high technologies such as electricity, electronics, mechanical control, materials science, and chemical technology. For such an integrated product, the overall operating performance and economic efficiency of the vehicle depend primarily on the battery system and the motor drive control system.


Under normal circumstances, in high-speed electric vehicles, its motor drive system is mainly composed of four main parts, namely the controller, power converter, motor and sensor. Currently, electric motors configured in electric vehicles can be generally classified into DC motors, induction motors, switched reluctance motors, and permanent magnet brushless motors.


We know that for high-speed electric vehicles, its control system is also a very important component. When designing its control system, it mainly includes four aspects, namely the design of the control circuit; sensor selection and placement design; Display circuit design and programming.


Considering the whole, when designing the control system, it is necessary to ensure that the sensors used can minimize the signal processing volume of the single-chip microcomputer, but it must be able to make the high-speed electric vehicles run freely. The control circuit of the high-speed electric vehicle is usually required to be designed according to the selected motor and sensor, and the stability and anti-interference are mainly considered. The control core uses 51 single-chip microcomputers, and the control system and the circuit are completely isolated by an optocoupler to avoid interference.

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