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How much do you know about the technical parameters of the electric vehicle?
Mar 28, 2018

Electric vehicle, as a new energy saving and environmental protection step tool, is gradually accepted and accepted by people. In the popularization of electric vehicles today, people's understanding of it is also deepening. Nowadays, when people choose this product, they often take into account the key technical parameters to choose.


In order to increase the understanding of electric vehicles, the main technical parameters of the electric vehicle are briefly introduced.


First of all, let's know about the maximum output power and the maximum output torque of the electric motor. We should know that the maximum output power of the motor is the key indicator of the torque capacity of an electric vehicle. Usually, the manufacturer will set a maximum working current according to its own technology level. When the external load is large, the working current of vehicle will reach the maximum and the input power will reach the maximum value.


For example, the maximum working current of an electric vehicle is 12 An, and the working voltage is 36 volts, then the maximum input power is 432W. If the working voltage is constant, the maximum current of the vehicle is limited to 15A, and the maximum input power is 540W. It can be seen that some motors can maintain high efficiency in large current state, but this is not absolute.


If consumers need to test the maximum output torque of electric vehicles during the process of buying cars, we can use the method of "loading and climbing" to do the inspection. Secondly, we will analyze the question of "the continuation of the mileage" for you. The definition is this: the new battery is full of electricity, the rider weight to 75 kg in the flat configuration two level highway (without strong wind conditions) ride, ride to the battery voltage is less than 10.5V/ to get off, this condition is riding mileage mileage.


In the process of actual use, many related factors need to be taken into consideration. The factors related to the manufacturer are mainly the efficiency characteristics of electric motor, the capacity and life of the battery. Other factors associated with the objective situation: the electric car rider weight, often riding the road conditions, the need for frequent use brakes, cyclists riding habits etc..

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