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How to extend the life of electric motorbikes for adults?
Jan 29, 2018

electric motorbikes for adults in the service life extension, to a large extent is to pay attention to maintenance.

First, electric motorbikes for adults on the service life extension, is to pay attention to before the ride should check the battery pack is secured, pay attention to have a look at the display panel each lamp is normal or not.When driving on a wet road, the depth of the water can not exceed the normal driving of the electric wheel center, and avoid the failure caused by the seepage of the electric wheel.

, then electric motorbikes for adults to prolong service life, is also must be avoid in damp air or temperature is too high and its corrosion gas, at this point, namely makes electroplating paint surface chemical corrosion of metal parts.Avoid application in such an environment, which is to avoid corrosion of its shell.

Adult electric motorbikes in use, should avoid the vehicle for a long time strong sunlight and rain, at this point, that is makes the controller components damage, at the same time also is able to avoid the operation failure, while prolong its service life, namely can avoid accident, we ensure our safety.

In order to guarantee the life of the adult electric vehicle, because of the complicated structure of the electrical control part, the user can not disassemble and repair without authorization.If the local charging voltage is not stable, in this case, it will cause the fuse to fuse, and it is recommended to use ac voltage stabilizer.In addition, the adult electric car should not be overloaded when riding, which can effectively prolong the service life of the battery and motor.

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