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How to reasonably and safely electric motorcycle conversion?
Mar 31, 2018

We have no shortage of modified electric motorcycles. Some of the modifications are mainly based on appearance and speed. Due to the unique structure of electric motorcycle motors, electric motorcycles have a larger speed increase than ordinary electric vehicles. This results in retrofitting. There are more and more electric motorcycles.


When refitting an electric motorcycle, it is generally only necessary to purchase a matching motor and controller commensurate with the rear wheel of the original car, and adopt separate power supply; and the front wheel can be directly reloaded with a dual-core in a motor wheel form in the same computer. The electric motorcycle's torque is doubled.


In order to increase the speed of electric motorcycles, the more common modification method is to match a battery with the same specifications as the original battery, but the position of the series can only be after the power line, so that the input voltage of the power line is maintained at the original 48V. The power supply voltage of the power transistor is improved to 60v. This will enable the actual performance of the modified electric motorcycle to increase by 25%, including rapid acceleration and speed increase.


In order to ensure the safety of modified electric motorcycles, it is necessary to do a good job of controller heat dissipation before the change, may use computer CPU heat sinks, fans and thermal adhesives and other methods. And we must be more cautious when we are refitting electric motorcycles.


If you change the speed of an electric motorcycle, you must make the brake bigger or use a brake disc. However, when the brake is larger, the weight is increased, and more energy is needed to drive the machine. As a result, the battery is consumed faster.


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