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Influence of New Technology, New Material and New Technology on the Design of Adult Electric Vehicles
Apr 10, 2018

Since the speed of an adult electric vehicle is much higher than the speed of a bicycle, the impact and vibration of an uneven road surface during driving can be enhanced, and the rational design and selection of the shock absorber is very important. If the full suspension design is used, attention should be paid to the decoration of the vehicle design. This coordination is mainly manifested in the harmonization and harmonization of the appearance of adult electric vehicles, and also reflected in the lightness of the vehicle.


Adult electric vehicles are mechanical and electrical products. Therefore, they must also be designed to ensure overall lightweight and flexible features. Compared to traditional bicycles, because of the additional components such as motors, batteries, and controllers, the weight increase is large. Therefore, excessive shocks should be avoided in the structural design of shock absorbers. At the same time, with the renewal of battery technology, batteries will be developed in the direction of greater energy storage, smaller size, and more stable performance.


In this way, favorable conditions have also been provided for the lighter design of adult electric vehicles. In addition, the weight of the frame, wheel, etc. should be reduced as much as possible during design and selection, so as to ensure that the battery with the largest possible capacity can be used to increase the continuation mileage of one charge.


In order to meet these requirements, in the design work, the design needs to focus on light alloys with diameters larger than conventional pipe diameters, welded frame technology, and lighter materials used in place of steel for other parts of adult electric vehicles. For example, the use of titanium alloys, aluminum Taiwan gold, magnesium alloys, fiber reinforced polymer and other materials.


In addition, the application of plastic parts in adult electric vehicles will also provide a choice to achieve its lightweight development. In the future, with the application of more new technologies and new materials, it will be able to provide more possibilities for the appearance of adult electric vehicles.

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