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Lady electric motorcycle drive motor and speed control device
Mar 08, 2018

Lady electric motorcycle in the process of driving its power for the electric motor-driven motor to provide electrical energy, the operation will be effective when the motor will be the power of electrical energy into mechanical energy, ladies electric motorcycles will be through the transmission or direct drive Wheels and work equipment.

Lady electric motorcycle drive motor

Ladies motorized motor drive motor is the role of the power of electrical energy into mechanical energy, in operation by its drive or direct drive wheels and work equipment, such equipment is widely used in its DC series motor, this The motor has a "soft" mechanical characteristic that closely matches the driving characteristics of a car. However, DC motor due to the existence of the commutation spark, the specific power is smaller, less efficient, maintenance workload, with the motor technology and motor control technology.

Motor speed control device

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Lady electric motorcycle motor speed control device for the electric vehicle speed and direction of change set, and its role is to control the motor voltage or current to complete the motor drive torque and direction of rotation control.

DC motor speed using series resistance or change the number of turns of the motor field coil to achieve. It is seldom used today because of its graduated speed regulation and the additional energy consumption or complicated structure of the motor. Nowadays electric vehicles are more widely applied thyristor chopper speed control, by uniformly changing the motor terminal voltage, control the motor current, to achieve the motor stepless speed regulation.

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