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Long-range electric motorcycle controller
Aug 23, 2018

The long-range electric motorcycle has only the best fit, so that the four large parts can be fully utilized during operation, which can effectively extend the life of the battery and improve the performance of the whole vehicle. In addition to the electric wheel hubs, the long-range electric motorcycles mainly use small-power DC series motors. Has a strong overload capacity, the product is relatively mature.

Long-range electric motorcycle controller

The long-range electric motorcycle is equipped with a controller for the speed control handle, so that the speed control can be made handy, that is, the speed can be adjusted at will of the driver. The controller also has many auxiliary functions, such as current limit protection, under voltage protection, soft start function, anti-speed function, fault self-diagnosis function. These accessory functions are not available on all speed controllers on the market, and consumers should pay special attention when purchasing.

Long mileage electric motorcycle charger

The main function is to charge the battery, convert the alternating current into direct current and control its current and voltage to be stored in the battery. Under the premise of not affecting the battery life, it is mainly configured by the manufacturer to achieve the best charging effect.

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