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Main Reasons for Water Loss in Electric scooter Lead-acid Battery
May 18, 2018

The electrolyte in a lead-acid battery of electric scooter is as precious as blood in the human body. Once the electrolyte is lost, it means that the battery is scrapped. The electrolyte consists of dilute sulfuric acid and water. During the charging process, it is difficult to avoid losing water, the charging mode is different, and the water loss is not the same. Ordinary three-stage charging mode, the water loss during the charging process is more than twice the Colin pulse mode! In addition to the natural life of the battery, there is also a loss of water life: a single battery loses more than 90 grams of water and the battery is scrapped. At room temperature (25°C), the average charger loses about 0.25 grams of water, while the Colin pulse is 0.12 grams. At high temperatures (35°C), the normal charger had a water loss of 0.5 grams and Colin pulses of 0.23 grams. According to this calculation, the common charger will dry out after 250 cycles, and the Colin pulse will dry out after 600 cycles. Therefore, Colin Pulse can extend the life of the battery more than twice.

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