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Method for verifying frame of the electric pedal scooter and requirements for safety performance
Dec 18, 2017

The electric pedal  scooter is an electric bicycle with pedals. The advantage of such an electric vehicle is that even if that battery run out, it can be run by manpower like a regular bicycle. But when the battery is used for riding, the pedal is often rotated under the driving of the motor, so that a certain amount of energy is wasted and the rider is not convenient, because the foot is easy to hurt.
The overall structure of the pedal electric vehicle is very simple. The basic units are plastic parts, dampers, batteries, frames, and motors. The quality of the frame of the pedal electric vehicle is very important. Now many users don't care much about the quality of the frame, mainly because this part is difficult to observe. But the quality of the frame directly determines the safety performance of the whole vehicle.

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Method for verifying frame of the electric pedal  scooter
1. First, observe the welding level of the frame in the vehicle plastic parts. If there is false welding or sealing-off, the quality of the frame is not ideal enough.

2. Observe whether there is any sign of rust on the frame of the pedal electric vehicle. In order to prevent rust, the frame requires a process called electrophoresis. Many manufacturers simply spray black paint without electrophoresis in order to control costs. If there is a rust problem in the new vehicle, it means that the frame electrophoresis quality is abnormal.

3. The pedal electric vehicle brakes suddenly during driving to see if the frame is shaking left and right. If shaking badly, it shows that the quality of the frame is not good and there are security risks. Choosing a good frame is very important to the whole vehicle. There is also a simple way. If the whole vehicle removes the battery, hold up the vehicle up to test the weight, the heavier the vehicle is, and it means the more solid the material is, and the greater the possibility of good safety performance will be.

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