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Particularity in the construction of lady electric motorcycle
Jul 21, 2018

Ms. Electric Motorcycle is a specially designed vehicle for women. It is characterized by being light and flexible, but the other basic components are the same, including mechanical systems such as electric drive and control systems, drive transmissions, etc. The working device of the task, etc.


The electric drive and control system is the core of the ladies' electric motorcycle and the biggest difference from the ordinary motorcycle. The electric drive and control system consists of a speed control device that drives the motor, the power supply, and the motor. The other devices of the electric motorcycle are basically the same as the ordinary electric vehicle.


The electric motorcycle is equipped with a battery that can supply electric energy to the motor that drives the wheel, and has a pair of armrest devices disposed on both sides of the seat. Each armature device of the electric motorcycle has a battery storage room in which the battery can be taken and discharged. The top of the armrest device has an armrest pad that acts as a cover to open and close the battery storage compartment.


The price of lady electric motorcycle produced by different brands and manufacturers varies, but in general, the faster the maximum speed, the more the maximum number of kilometers of batteries, the more expensive lady electric motorcycle.

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