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Power supply application and direction change settings for electric motorcycles
Jun 28, 2018

The power supply of the electric motorcycle provides its electric energy for driving the electric motor. In the course of operation, its electric motor can effectively convert the electric energy of its power source into mechanical energy. When it is in use, its transmission device or the direct drive wheel and the working device are used on the electric car. The most widely used power source is a lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, lead-acid batteries have gradually been replaced by other batteries due to their lower specific energy, slower charging speed and shorter life span.

The application of the new type of power supply being developed in electric motorcycles has opened up a broad prospect for the development of electric vehicles in use. The role of the electric motorcycle drive motor is to effectively convert the electrical energy of its power source into mechanical energy, through transmissions or Drive wheels and work devices directly.

In the running process of the electric motorcycle, it is in line with the driving characteristics of the vehicle. However, because of the commutating spark, the DC motor has a smaller specific power, a lower efficiency, a greater maintenance workload, and a motor technology and a motor control technology. The development is bound to be gradually replaced by the brushless DC motor (BCDM), switched reluctance motor (SRM) and AC asynchronous motor.

The motor speed control device of the electric motorcycle is set for the speed change and direction change of the electric vehicle. When it is used, its main function is to control the voltage or current of the motor and effectively complete the drive torque and rotation of the motor. Directional control.

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