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Pre-ride inspection and riding skills for mini electric scooters
Mar 16, 2018

A mini-electric scooters a type of electric vehicle. It is also powered by electricity. According to the way electricity is provided, it can be divided into two major categories. One is to connect an external power line to obtain electricity; the other is to use a battery as electricity, and you can also use the sun. The wind or any available energy is converted into electrical energy for use by the vehicle.


The mini electric scooter is composed of four parts: battery, electric wheel hub, controller, and charger. Due to the characteristics of the mini electric vehicle, its application scope is relatively narrow, and it is generally used in scenic spots, industrial parks, parks, docks, scenic spots, and pedestrian streets.


When using mini-electric scooters, first adjust the height of the saddle and the handlebars to the safest and most comfortable position, especially the saddle height. It is best to have both feet on the ground while parking. . And whether the test brake device is effective and reliable, and after the test, whether the power supply is cut off or whether the motor has stopped working.


Don't forget to check the power of the mini-electric car: When you turn on the power, it is especially important to watch the power on the monitor, especially after long periods of use. In addition, check the status of parts such as electric horns, lights, front and rear wheels, pedals, cranks, sprockets, chains, and flywheels.


When you start riding a mini-electric scooter, check that the tire pressure is appropriate and observe the road traffic rules while riding. Since the battery capacity of mini-electric vehicles is not large, the motor power is not high, so its load capacity is generally around 80kg.


When riding a mini electric scooter uphill, on a bridge, or against a strong wind, electric and manpower should be used at the same time to reduce the load on batteries and motors. In addition, the correct starting method is to open the switch at rest, and turn the speed control to start the car.

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