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Problems with electric scooter batteries
May 30, 2018

1. Why does the battery need to be recharged before it is used for the first time?

A: The battery from the factory to use, generally after 1-2 months, or even longer, the battery during storage due to the battery's internal self-discharge spontaneous reactions, the consumption of a part of the electricity, can not reach the rated capacity value, so Before using for the first time, it is best to make a supplementary charge so as not to mistake the customer for lack of capacity.

2. If the electric scooter is to be stored for a long time, how should the battery be handled?

Answer: First, the battery should be stored fully charged, and should be charged at least once a month to prevent loss of electricity, can effectively prevent the generation of crystal technology caused by irreversible salinization and crystal branches short circuit.

3, the battery of electric scooter should not finish before the first charge?

A: The lead-acid battery is different from other secondary batteries. It has no memory effect. Therefore, no matter what kind of state of charge the battery is in, it can be directly charged without discharging.

4、Does the battery charge well or is it fully discharged?

Answer: Since the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles will increase significantly. Therefore, according to this theory, the ground charging is beneficial to the cycle life, but in terms of a large number of chargers used in the market, the charger has a high failure rate, poor reliability, and accuracy due to price factors and technical level. Low level defects. Therefore, sometimes the ground charge will affect the battery life. When the battery is vented and recharged, although the number of charging times is reduced, some single cells may be over-discharged due to the difference between the individual cells during discharging, and the overcharged battery charging capability will be greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient charging failure. Because of the recharging, the charger is overloaded for a long time and it is easy to damage the charger. Therefore, based on the above, we think that it is reasonable to charge the battery at 50-70% of the battery charge, which is beneficial to the use of the battery.

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