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Racing electric scooter battery maintenance and exposure requirements
Feb 09, 2018

After the end of a day of riding a racing electric scooter, you need to promptly charge the battery, the battery on the electric bike most of the lead-acid batteries, when used without its memory function, when used with the need to use with the charge Can maintain the maximum capacity of its battery, so as not to use in the process of deep discharge, thus extending battery life.

Electric cars in the parked cars need to choose their shade rain shelter, do not in the hot sun, do not be under rain shower, the use of electrical water damp, its electric car will be its green and economical and convenient Features, effectively become the people's favorite means of transport.

Sports car electric vehicle battery maintenance

1. racing electric scooter must be fully charged before using, the newly purchased electric cars should be fully recharge before use, mainly because many electric cars in the store has been shelved for several months, or even more than six months , So you must fully charge before use, fully charged is best not to use immediately, need to rest for about ten minutes.

2. racing electric scooter to be firmly installed in the operation of its battery needs to be taken down for charging, during installation, the battery mounted on the electric bicycle to be strong, to prevent battery riding during riding Vibration damage. Battery handling, prohibit throwing, roll over, heavy pressure.

3. Keep the battery dry and clean. Often remove the battery cover dust, dirt, pay attention to keep the battery dry, clear, to prevent the battery discharge.

4. Develop a good habit of charging the battery every night. Never allow the battery to be in a state of low battery for a long time, and develop a good habit of charging the battery every night. Long-term need, it should be fully charged, placed in a cool dry place, and regular charging, usually 10 days.

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