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Repair methods for water loss of electric scooter batteries
May 04, 2018

Fix: pry open the cover above the battery. Some of the batteries are covered with ABS and some of the batteries are connected. Some skateboards. Don't damage the cover when you pry open the cover. At this point, you can see 6 exhaust valve rubber caps. Open the rubber cap, expose the vent, and through the vent, you can see the inside of the battery. Some of the battery's exhaust valve base can be spun off, and can not open the rubber exhaust valve and spiral the valve base. Some battery rubber caps have some padding around them. Open the cover and use the flashlight to see if there is a dry phenomenon inside the hole, namely whether the battery has lost water. The battery's pad is wrapped in white fiberglass and should be wet. Use a dropper to inhale distilled water from a vent to the battery. Cover the air vent with a breathable cover to prevent dust from falling into the vent. It's better to use a second distilled water for medical use. The principle of replenishing water is less. Not enough can be added, the acid proportion will be reduced, the battery capacity will be insufficient. No experienced person can master 5mL per hole. It's better to look at it, wet, shiny and watery. It's wet, it's shiny, and there's too much water.

Special note: water - filling tools use glass, plastic and other straw. It is recommended to use a disposable syringe, which is convenient and easy to measure. The water refill tool cannot use any metal containing appliance. The syringe should be removed from the metal needle and used after a plastic tube.

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