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Selection of function and practical application requirements of the fashionable electric motorcycle
Dec 15, 2017

Fashionable electric motorcycle has relatively high requirements in the selection of function. General standard electric vehicle power is generally 150W. The main feature is simple. The full charge endurance of the fashionable electric vehicle mileage is about 40 ~ 50 km. The vehicle is easy to operate. It has a moderate price and the price is about 2000 ~ 2600 yuan. It is more suitable for users whose working distance is longer and has certain maneuverability of work and life.
Multifunctional fashionable electric motorcycle in general will increase the front fork shock absorption, headlight, electric horn and  bicycle saddle shock absorption on the basis of the standard. Its characteristic is that it has more functions and is more comfortable when riding. It is also convenient to use at night. The price is generally around 2500 ~ 3000 yuan.
Before riding the fashionable electric motorcycle, it is necessary to check whether the appearance, paint and electroplated parts of the surface are in good condition. When using, it is necessary to check the working state of the whole vehicle according to the actual operation instructions. The speed regulation transition of the equipment should be smooth. There should be no impact feeling and the wheel rotation should be flexible during the starting process.
In normal use, it is necessary to check whether the auxiliary function of the fashionable electric motorcycle is in a normal state. And check whether supporting accessories, certificate, specification, charger and warranty card  are complete.
In actual use of the fashionable electric motorcycle, how many kilometers can the fashionable electric motorcycle drive with full charging is related to a lot of factors. Factors related to the manufacturer are mainly the efficiency characteristics of the motor, life characteristics and the capacity of the battery. Factors related to other objective conditions are the weight of the rider, the road conditions, the need for frequent use of brakes, the riding habits of the rider and so on.

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