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Shock absorption requirements and battery selection of green power electric motorcycle
Feb 08, 2018

Shock absorption of the green power electric motorcycle is a key component that affects its comfort to a certain extent. It can be effectively divided into front and rear shock absorption when used, and there are many ways to test the shock absorption before it is introduced here Common method, riding on the electric car, quickly accelerated to the maximum, and then suddenly the front brake, the front shock because the vehicle's own inertia will be immediately compressed, then hands clasped the body brake with the hard pressure, sensing damping in the end If the shock absorption in the end, indicating poor damping effect, the quality of the front shock but off.

After the green power electric motorcycle rear shock absorption test method can be used by riding a number of deceleration zone or ditch, the effective sense of comfort through the rear seat, when in use can also have a hard seat cushion Rapid pressure, feel comfortable degree of damping. Good shock absorption in addition to compression has a downward shock absorption, damping shock should also have a shock absorber function, rather than hard rapid bounce. The performance of a direct impact on vehicle damping comfort level, if you feel not obvious enough, you can ride a few different brands of cars, looking for the feeling.

Green power electric vehicles in the use of the battery selection is also very important, mainly because a good battery to a certain extent, it can greatly reduce the cost of its consumers use and maintenance, the battery can be divided into lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries, different brands of batteries vary greatly in price, but for lithium batteries, different types of more difference, two types of batteries compared to a great difference in price of batteries.

Green power electric car battery selection process its ordinary human naked eye is difficult to make a distinction between the quality of the battery, the price of its battery is very large, therefore, through the brand selection of batteries can effectively prevent the battery in troubled waters .

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