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Some Ways of Appearance Design of Two-wheel Electric scooter
Apr 08, 2018

The market demand for two-wheeled electric scooters continues to expand. At the same time, the entire industry continues to improve and innovate in the production technology and quality of products. Analyzed from the market demand, consumers not only put forward higher requirements for the performance of their batteries, such as batteries, motors, chargers, power transmissions and security measures, but also due to consumer differences and individualized pursuits. The appearance requirements of wheeled electric vehicles are also getting higher and higher.


So, what methods can be used for the exterior design of 2-wheel electric scooters? We know that this new mode of transport is based on the image of energy saving, environmental protection, lightness, compactness, noiselessness, and no tail gas, and its affordable price is well received by the people. According to the appearance design method adopted in the current market, it can be mainly divided into the following types:


The first is to improve on the basis of the traditional bicycle design. However, such products are relatively simple in shape and cannot meet people's demand for the diversification of the appearance of the two-wheeled electric vehicles.


The second style design method belongs to the light type, that is to say, the design of the whole vehicle for the 2-wheel electric vehicle can be regarded as the image of the ordinary motorcycle after losing weight. For example, some luxury electric vehicles in the market actually simulate the shape of motorcycles, all-plastic shells, two adult seats, and even motorcycle shock absorbers.


In addition to these several design methods, with the development of technology, the design of many 2-wheel electric vehicles currently adopts an innovative design. In this way, the shape of the vehicle is more fashionable and meets the diverse needs of consumers.


Of course, in the process of designing the appearance of a 2-wheel electric scooter, it is also necessary to combine the current development trend and other requirements for improvement and improvement.

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