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Speed control and working device for girl electric motorcycle
Jul 04, 2018

The main function of the girl electric motor's drive motor is to effectively convert the electrical energy of its power source into mechanical energy. Generally, it will be widely used in today's electric vehicles through transmissions or directly driving wheels and working devices. DC series motor, which has "soft" mechanical characteristics and is very consistent with the driving characteristics of the car.


The speed control device of the electric motor of the girl electric motorcycle is set to some extent for the shifting and direction change of the electric vehicle. When it is used, its main function is to control the voltage and current of the motor, so that it can be effectively completed. Control of the driving torque and direction of rotation of the motor.


The speed regulation of the DC motor of the girl electric motorcycle is mainly realized by using its series resistance or effectively changing the number of turns of the motor field coil. In operation, it is rarely used today because its speed regulation is stepped, and additional energy consumption is generated or the structure of the motor is complicated. Today's electric vehicles are widely used in thyristor chopper speed regulation, which achieves stepless speed regulation of the motor by uniformly changing the terminal voltage of the motor and controlling the current of the motor.

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