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Sports electric motorcycle riding skill at night
Nov 04, 2017

For many riders, the night ride brings more different feelings. However, as the weather gets colder, we need to pay attention to safety in the riding course of our sports electric motorcycle. Especially when riding at night, because of poor light, people's sight will be affected, more attention should be paid to safety issues.
In short, when riding a sports electric motorcycle at night, it not only needs reasonable operate, but also needs to use the correct lighting. For example, if the road conditions are better, and the ambient lighting conditions are more adequate, then you can speed up the speed, and  open the high beam for lighting. If the road is uneven, or the traffic is more complex, then it needs to be kept at a low speed.

electric sport motorbike


electric sport motorbike

During the night driving, if you need to make a turn, be sure to slow down ahead of time, reducing the speed of the sports electric motorcycle to a safe range, and timely pass the turning crossing. During this period, observe the traffic around you and keep to the right. If you need to stop halfway, you should turn on the little light to prevent a collision.
If the traffic conditions are more complex around the night, and when the vehicles are more numerous, you should turn on the small lights and keep to the right, focus attention, and properly reduce the speed of the sports electric motorcycle. Especially when driving in the place where the light is better in the city streets , turn on the dipped headlight.
Finally, it should be reminded that we not only control the sports electric motorcycle at night, but also need to pay more attention to observing the guideposts, and should also make the correct judgment by experience.

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