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The Benefits of Intelligent Management of City Electric Scooter
Mar 15, 2018

City Electric scooter in urban electric vehicles are more and more popular because of their low prices and convenient transportation. However, it is not enough for the city electric vehicles to have the advantage of convenient driving. If wireless technology is applied to the electric vehicle management process, real-time cities can be realized. If the smart management of electric vehicles, the effect will be different.


In order to achieve this goal, an active tag can be installed in every city electric scooter, and a base station is set every 500m ~ 800m in urban road planning. In this way, even when an electric car in the city is accidentally lost or stolen, it only needs to report its own vehicle tag number to the relevant department, and relevant settings can be made in the system software, when the lost vehicle appears in the area covered by the base station. The system will alarm.


In addition, the city's electric vehicle intelligent management system can inquire about the route of the base station that the corresponding vehicle passes through, so as to locate the area where the final electric vehicle stops and quickly retrieve the lost vehicle. Moreover, the city electric cars must all arrange a unique label, and the relevant information can be recorded in the label.


When a driving accident occurs in a city electric vehicle, the traffic police approach the scene of the accident. Through the equipped PDA, the information of the owner of the accident can be quickly ascertained. In addition, the system can confirm the electric vehicle passing through the corresponding intersection during the accident to achieve accurate tracking of the owner of the accident.


In addition, the use of intelligent management systems for urban electric vehicles has also helped the traffic police. In the inspection process of the traffic police, as long as the PDA is equipped to scan the certificate of the electric vehicle, it can obtain the relevant information of the vehicle. If the license plate is detected to be unqualified, expired, or has no timely inspection, the PDA will report an alarm. After the inspection, the PDA prints the inspection results on the spot and presents it to the driver. Another PDA can upload data to the system database at any time to save and query.

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