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The classification of driving method and the functional style selection of lady electric scooter
Nov 24, 2017

The driving method of lady electric scooter is mainly three kinds, namely mid entry driving method, in-wheel driving method and suspension driving method. In general,  lady electric scooters in the market are mainly driven by wheel hubs.
For the sake of vehicle balance and convenience, the position of the battery for lady electric vehicle is mainly in the pipe chute or  standpipe of the frame. The configuration of the battery is basically an economical and affordable lead acid battery.

The functional style selection of lady electric scooter

1. Standard type lady electric vehicle: The motor power is generally 150W. The modeling is simple and smooth. The full charge endurance is 40 ~ 50 km. The whole electric vehicle operation is simple and the price is moderate, the general price is about 2000 ~ 2600 yuan. It is more suitable for the users with a long distance, working and living with certain mobility.


2. Multifunctional type lady electric vehicle: This type of electric vehicles are generally on the standard basis for adding front fork suspension, headlights, electrical speakers, and so on. Its functions are more. It is more comfortable during riding. It is convenient to use at night.

3. Deluxe type lady electric vehicle: The main characteristics of this type of electric vehicle is that the modeling is novel and functional. An instrument board is usually added to the handlebars so that speed, voltage, power, and mileage can be displayed.

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