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The configuration requirements and technological innovation of the sports electric scooter
Nov 27, 2017

The sports electric scooter is strong and fast. The climbing ability of the sports electric scooter is strong, which can bring the pleasure ride experience to the experiencer.
The sports electric scooter is equipped with front and back double disc  brakes. Quick heat dissipation, light weight. It is not afraid of drowning, brake is sensitive, comfortable and stable. Motorcycle shock absorption, fully absorb the impact of bumpy road, let the driver experience the car class perfect feel for the road.
Haidao sports electric scooter is equipped with sports vacuum tires. The appearance is dynamic and bighearted, strong grip, wear-proof, to ensure the safety of driving. At the same time with sofa cushion, the style of the whole product is new.
The sports electric vehicle can accommodate two people. The texture is soft and comfortable, and it can alleviate the ride fatigue. Use the liquid crystal intelligent instrument and LED cold light illuminator liquid crystal display, which is very intelligent and can accurately display the driving state.

The sports electric vehicles requires a lot of technological innovation to attract attention. The gold dicaryon control system of the sports electric vehicle makes the starting speed and the speeding up in the driving process are very fast. In general, a good sports electric vehicle, first of all needs to have independent research and development of patented technology. Explorer is an independent research and development of the Haidao, it goes through after more than 10 design procedures.

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