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The control system and speed design of the adult electric motorcycle
Oct 25, 2017

The adult electric motorcycle is one kind of electric vehicles. In the working process, it mainly uses the accumulator to drive the motor.  The electric power drive and  control system is composed of the drive motor, power supply and the speed regulating device of the motor. The other devices of the adult electric motorcycle  are basically the same as the internal combustion engine.
The adult electric motorcycle in the making process is mainly controlled by the control system, electric drive and driving force transmission and other mechanical systems, to complete the established task of the working device. The electric drive and control system are the cores of electric vehicle, which is the most different point of the internal combustion engine drive car.


green power electric motorcycle

The adult electric motorcycle is the electric motorcycle which is driven by the electric. It is divided into the two-wheeled electric motorcycle and three-wheeled electric motorcycle. Two-wheeled electric motorcycle : driven by electric power, the highest design speed is greater than 50 km/h. Three-wheeled electric motorcycle: driven by electric power, the highest design speed is more than 50 km/h. The vehicle kerb mass is not more than 400 kg.
The current price of the adult electric motorcycle is generally in 2000yuan-3000yuan. Generally, the maximum speed is faster, the  number of batteries is more, and the adult electric motorcycle will be more expensive. The power supply provides electric energy for the drive motor of the electric motorcycle. The motor converts the electrical energy of the power supply into mechanical energy, through the transmission device or  direct drive wheel and the working device.

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