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The introduction of 600W electric scooter
Nov 20, 2017

The introduction of 600W electric scooter
600W means the output power is 600 watts. It means that the motor can raise 60 kg weight to a height of 1 meter in one second. The 600W electric scooter uses the DC power supply when it is used. The voltage will be set at 36 ~ 72V.
If it is a newly purchased vehicle, there may be a shortage of battery power. Please charge before using. Check whether the rated input voltage of the charge is consistent with the power supply voltage.


The 600W electric scooter battery can be charged directly in the vehicle. However, the power switch must be turned off in the use, and it can be removed to the appropriate place such as the room to charge. After connecting the outlet plug of the charging apparatus with the charging jack of the battery, connect the plug of the charger to the 220V AC power supply.

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