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The main features of Smart E Scooter sand high-end configuration
Mar 05, 2018

Smart E Scooter in use is actually an ultra-light electric car do, when used in different from the general electric car, its main feature is that the product is small, compact design, folding and excellent material And sophisticated manufacturing process. Made of special materials such as magnesium alloy made of light weight.

The main features of a Smart E Scooter

1. Scalable folding, quick disassembly, the challenge of "blocking the city", driving a stylish outing partner

2. Environmental lithium, LCD instruments, compass and other high-end configuration, holiday gifts new choice

Smart E Scooter in the process of buying not only look at its appearance, the most important thing is the battery controller, the motor must choose which more famous factory out of the motor, you can not blindly consider the motor power 350W should It's okay Because the power of the motor is relatively easy to damage the controller.

Small electric cars in good battery capacity, especially the standard 20a / h battery absolutely do not buy, the state has banned such a mark. Controller is the most likely to fail, and Tianjin Songzheng also can ask these questions to the dealer, and now what kind of electric car accessories are, the maintenance of the most important is the battery maintenance.

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