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The main role and braking device of youth electric street motorcycle
Jul 06, 2018

In the electric motorized motorcycle, the DC motor mainly relies on the contactor to effectively change the direction of the magnetic field and the current of the armature, so that the rotation of the motor can be effectively realized to a certain extent. This can make the circuit complex and reliable. When driven by an AC asynchronous motor, the change of the steering of the motor only needs to change the phase sequence of the three-phase current of the magnetic field, so that the control circuit can be simplified. In addition, the AC motor and its variable frequency speed control technology make the braking energy recovery control of the electric vehicle more convenient and the control circuit is simpler.


The main function of the driving device of the youth electric street motorcycle is to effectively change the driving torque of the electric motor through the wheel to the ground. When it is running, it drives the wheel to walk. When it is made, it is the same as the other car. , consisting of wheels, tires and suspensions.


The braking device of the youth electric street motorcycle is the same as other vehicles. It is mainly used for vehicle deceleration or parking when it is used. It is usually composed of a brake and an operating device. In an electric vehicle, there is generally an electromagnetic brake device that can realize the power generation operation of the motor by using a control circuit for driving the motor, and convert the energy during the deceleration braking into a current for charging the battery, thereby being recycled.

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