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The maintenance and charging requirements of the adult electric Scooter
Nov 22, 2017

Adult electric scooter need to charge the battery in time after riding. In general, most of the battery of the electric vehicle is lead-acid battery, which needs to be charged in use, so that the maximum capacity of the battery can be maintained.
Adult electric scooter in the parking process need to shade the sun and shield the rain. Do not park it under the hot sun and rain. Electric vehicle has become the favourite travel tools mainly due to its green environmental protection and economic convenient characteristics. It also plays a positive role in  alleviating the energy crisis and dredging the city traffic congestion.

Adult electric scooters need to pay attention to a lot when they are used. In general, the battery will be carried down to charge. During the installation, the battery should be installed firmly on the electric bicycle to prevent the battery from vibration damage when riding.

Adult electric vehicles need to keep battery dry and clean when used. Users need to often clean the dust and dirt on the battery cover, and keep the battery dry, so as to prevent the battery from discharging

In daily use, the good habit of charging the adult electric vehicle every day should be developed.
Absolutely can not let the battery in a long period of power shortage. The adult electric vehicle should be full of electricity, placed in a cool dry place, and regularly charged, generally each tiome for 10 days if it will not be used for a long term.

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