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The maintenance and use tips of adult electric scooters
Mar 01, 2018

The Routine maintenance tips for adult electric scooters:

During the using time, we should keep the appearance of adult electric scooters

clean and beautiful, and carry out an all-round maintenance of the whole scooters

at least one time every six months. The main purpose is to check the lubrication and rust of transmission parts,and also reinforce the fasteners. In addition, when charging the battery, the charger output plug should be inserted into the battery box first,and  then the charger input plug can be inserted into the utility outlet.

Usuallywhen charging for adult electric scooters, it will mainly go through three stages namely constant current, constant voltage and floating charge stages.These three stages can be automatically converted. When the battery reaches a sufficient level,it will automatically transferred to the float, no need to manually control the charging time. When not charging,please do not connect the charger to AC power for a long time. It should be noted that, if it is needed for maintenance, such as involving the motor, battery, control system and charger problems,it should be repaired to the service center, not casually disassemble.

The Use tips for adult electric scooters:

As a user, we should cultivate the good habits of maintaining scooters. In simple terms, just do not make adult electric scooters accidental damage, such as not to flooded motor center or the controller; open the car lock at the start of the scooters, get off immediately after closing the door; usually keep the tires full of gas; avoid prolonged sun exposure in the summer and so on.

In addition, when starting, you can use the pedal to ride which can save electricity, and also can protect the battery of an adult electric scooters. If adult electric scooters are not used for a long time,it should be insisted recharging once a month.




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