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The maintenance method of electric scooter charger hot fan does not turn
May 16, 2018

Electric scooter charger hot fan does not turn the fault The main difficulty is to control the damage of the fan's triode (usually 8550 or 8050), or the fan itself is damaged or the fan blade is jammed by debris. However, some chargers use smart heat dissipation. For chargers that use this method to dissipate heat, there is a high probability that the thermistor will be damaged.

Electric vehicle charger hot fan does not turn the maintenance method

First of all, use a multimeter to measure - if the triode of the fan is controlled to be damaged. If the tube is not damaged, the fan itself may be damaged. The fan can be unplugged from the circuit board and a 12V DC power supply is connected. , negative), to see if they turn, but also see if there is no foreign matter stuck. If you swing a few wires of the fan and the fan rotates, there is a broken wire inside the wire or the connector is bad. If it is still not rotating, the fan will be bad. For smart heatsink chargers, in addition to the above checks, it is also necessary to check whether the thermistor is in poor contact or damaged or open. However, pay attention to this thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient, should pay attention to the replacement.

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