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The operation advantage and energy transformation of the two-wheeled electric motorcycle
Oct 26, 2017

The function of the drive motor of the two-wheeled electric motorcycle is to convert the electrical energy of the power source into mechanical energy, through the transmission device or direct drive wheel and working device. Nowadays, DC series motor is widely used in electric vehicles. This kind of motor has the mechanical characteristics of " soft ", which is very consistent with the driving characteristics of the car.
The motor speed control device of the two-wheeled electric motorcycle is mainly settled for the variable speed and direction transformation of the electric vehicle. The main function is to control the voltage or current and driving torque of the motor and the rotation direction.


electric touring motorcycle

Nowadays, the thyristor chopper speed regulator is widely used in the two-wheeled electric motorcycle. By changing the terminal voltage of the motor and controlling the current of the motor, the stepless speed regulation of the motor is realized. In the development of electronic power technology, it is gradually replaced by other giant transistor chopper speed regulator.From the development of technology, with the application of the new type driving motor the speed control of electric vehicle is transformed into the application of DC inverter technology,
which will become an inevitable trend.
When the AC asynchronous motor is used effectively in the two-wheeled electric motorcycle to drive, the change of the motor rotation  only needs to change the phase sequence of the three-phase alternating current of the magnetic field, which can simplify the control circuit. In addition, the use of AC motor and its frequency control technology to make the braking energy recovery control of electric vehicles more convenient and the control circuit is simpler.

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